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In Your Space: 12 Rattan Pieces

In Your Space: 12 Rattan Pieces

The other day I was poking around revolico.com, the Cuban equivalent of Craigslist, and realized that the real estate section is like a peephole into a range of Cuban decor. In the corner of a grainy, low res photo I could make out a 1950s vintage rattan chair, like a set piece straight out of 'Golden Girls.' Swoon! Other listings showed mint condition Victorian and art deco hardwood dining sets and cabinets. Then there were countless photos of living rooms with late 20th-century leather (or faux leather) 'Miami Vice'-looking sofas. Leather furniture is a sort of status symbol because it means you can afford to "acclimatize," as they say in Havana; in other words, there's air conditioning. Just the thought of sitting on leather in the Havana heat makes me uncomfortable. Like wicker, bamboo, and caning, rattan is a natural choice of material in a hot climate because of the open weave, durability, and resistance to humidity and termites. Rattan is made from a vine native to Asia and became popular in 19th-century Britain and in the US in the early 20th century. By the early 20th century, rattan from the Philippines was being imported to Cuba as well, and there have been recent efforts to cultivate the plant in Cuba.

There are many companies selling rattan pieces right now in the US in modern and midcentury styles that can be easily worked into any indoor or outdoor decor. Here are 12 super versatile pieces that caught my eye.

1. Diamond Rattan Chair

2. Lupini Rattan Bench

3. Pismo Rattan Side Table

4. Isabella Rattan Barrel Arm Chair

5. Marte Platform Bed

6. Ibolili Kim Lounge Chair

7. Marte Storage Cabinet

8. Tallulah Rattan Nightstand

9. Wrapped Rattan Indoor/Outdoor Bar Cart

10. Honey Rattan Daybed

11. Taupe Rattan Flynn Lounger Chair

12. Riverdale Pendant

I'd love to have a midcentury modern-looking rattan chair in my living room but haven't found the right one yet. Would you use rattan in your space? If you already do, let me know in the comments!

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